Physical Therapy Project

Since 1950, Galmi Hospital has been providing acute medical and surgical care for thousands of patients each year. However, the hospital was unable to provide restorative care in the domain of physical therapy, which significantly limits the healing process for many.

Why the Project

There are many services that compliment physical therapy services, but these are not readily available to our patients.  Our aim is to use this project to help provide those services in order to best care for patients.  These will also act as a platform to share the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus with those who are suffering, grieving, and debilitated.

How the Project Works

Phase 1: Ambulatory Care Unit Redevelopment: construction of a toilet block and renovation of the  current Gidan Baki, the Ambulatory Care Unit, for use by the Physical Therapy Department to house patients who need an extended stay for daily therapy intervention but who do not need hospitalization. (COMPLETED 2015)

Phase 2: Prosthetics Clinic: training Nigerien staff to begin fabrication of prosthetic legs using low-cost and locally available materials.

Phase 3: Burn Compression Garment Centre: instructing local tailors to produce custom-made compression garments to help prevent, manage and reverse scarring as a result of severe burn injuries.

How You Can Help

Interested in supporting the work of the SIM Galmi Hospital by contributing to the Physical Therapy Project?

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