Urgent Needs

Urgent needs are volunteer positions that we need to fill as soon as possible.  Perhaps this is a new vacancy or one that we have been prayerfully trying to fill for some time.  Would you consider meeting one of these important personnel needs?  Contact us for more information of the position in which you are interested.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Try here.


Children are some of the most vulnerable of Niger’s population.  With high rates of childhood mortality, malaria, and severe malnutrition we are in need of someone who come to serve and care for these smallest of people.

Hospital Administrators

Running a hospital requires more than just doctors and nurses.  At the SIM Galmi Hospital we are looking for experienced administrators along with a Human Resources Manager, Chief Financial Manager, etc who are servant leaders willing to take on the challenge of working cross-culturally.  Some French-language competency is preferred.


The SIM Galmi Hospital is in need of qualified physiotherapists to serve for various lengths of time in acute care as well as our outpatient and prosthetics clinics.  This role involves close working relationships with our Nigerien therapy assistants.


We are in continual need of qualified and experienced staff for our finance office to work alongside a great team of Nigerien and expatriate staff.  Some French-language competency is valuable.

PAACS Faculty

The PAACS surgical training program is in need of another faculty member.  Ideally this would be a general or orthopedic surgeon.  1-2 year initial commitment is preferred.  Must be fluent in English.


Niger has the highest birthrate in the world.  Our Maternity ward and prenatal clinic are buzzing with activity.  A second obstetrician is greatly needed to help make this heavy caseload much more manageable.

IT Professional

We rely heavily on our internal computer network and online resources to support the work of Galmi Hospital.  An IT professional on site is needed to help maintain our network and improve our technology services.  An initial term of 1-2 years is preferred.

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